VAG Nation Reloaded

25/06/2023, Poldergotestraat, 9240 Zele Belgium

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We are full! Still think you have a top car for our event? We'll meet 25 June in Zele or 24 June @Biznishotel ;)


After 10 years of VAG Nation, we stopped in 2018. But after a 3-year break, we restarted VAG Nation RELOADED in 2022. More compact, pre-selection and only the best of the best in terms of VAG and other old- & youngtimers! 300 places, full = full! 250 VAG (all makes) - 50 all makes old & youngtimer (max model year 2000) Do you know someone or are you someone with such a car? Then register quickly! For an overnight stay you can go to the Biznis hotel. An email to stating VAG Nation is sufficient. 110€/1p - 130€/2p incl breakfast. Here is plenty of parking + Car Wash next to the hotel.